Cat breed: Turkish Van

The Turkish Van cat breed is thousands of years old found living both in their native country of Turkey and in the United States. The cat was rediscovered in Turkey in 1955 by two female photographers promoting tourism in the country. They were each given a kitten one a female and one a male. The two women Miss Halliday and Miss Lushington took the kitten home with them and started a breed program.

The Turkish Van is a large breed the male’s weight close to twenty pounds and the female’s weight close to fifteen pounds by time they reach adulthood. The cats have large bones and muscular bodies.

The Cats fur is silky, semi-long and has a remarkable color and pattern. The body of the cat is all white and they have a little color (brown, black, tabby or any color variation on the top of their heads and their entire tail is that color. Which makes them very pretty? Their eye color is either blue or amber or one eye of each color.

This breed of cat is highly intelligent, full of energy, loveable and makes a great pet.

They also share many dog like qualities such as being leash trained, playing fetch and swimming, these cats can swim by doing the “doggie” paddle and they love water and will jump right in a swimming pool. They will try to take a bath or shower with you and enjoy sitting outside in the rain or snow.

This cat breed also takes on the protector attitude and will growl at strangers. They are moderately vocal when they want something.

There are several well known breeders in the United States so the Turkish van is not a rare cat.

This breed is used as a show cat and over the past decade has done very well, as they are very easy to train and have a personable attitude. They have several championships titles with one of the top being the Grand and the Premier. Although only the males are aloud to participate as show cats with certain organizations.

The breed enjoy being with people and often pick a “special person” as well has having a favorite toy they carry around with them. They don’t like to be left alone for long periods of time but seem to do with if left with another pet.

They are very active for their entire life and have a life span of 18 to 20 years. sh-van-breeders.html rofiles/articles/turkish-van.h tml

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