Cat breed: Pixie Bob

The legendary Pixie Bob is a natural breed between a bob cat and a feral cat which is what makes it “legendary” it is extremely uncommon for a wild cat to mate with a much smaller feral cat. While feral cats are also considered wild, there is an extreme difference between the wild qualities of a bob cat and a feral cat.

Carol Ann Brewer, is the founder of the Pixie bob breed, she adopted a female kitten that was a result of a bob cat and a feral cat and named her Pixie, when carol registered the breed with The International Cat Association she called it the Pixie bob breed.

The Pixie bob is a beautiful cat resembling the bob cat in appearance with a short, muscular body, seven toes and a two to six inches stub of a tail. They have the tufted ears of a bob cat and the coloring and pattern marking of both the bob cat and feral cat. Including both stripes and spots and often a combination of both. The TICA color accepted for show cats is brown to a rusty brown which is the common color for all Pixie bobs.

They are a medium to large size cat the adult male’s weight between twenty and twenty-five pounds and the females weight between sixteen and twenty pounds.

The Pixie bobs are intelligent and loving cats. They can be leash trained and will play fetch and other dog like games, they enjoy riding in the car as well.

They are great with children and other pets and very loyal to their family. They do not have an aggressive bone in their body and make a wonderful pet.

They should be kept indoors and only be outside to go for a walk or supervised in a closed in area. They would not intentionally harm another cat or animal but their appearance is much like the bob cats and with a large pixie bob it could be mistaken for a small bob cat and naturally people fear wild animals.

The Pixie bob is not known to purr it chirps like a bird when it is happy. They form strong bonds with their people and other female cats in the home. Most likely a characteristic of the bob cat.

The Pixie bob sells for $500 to $1500 for a pet and for a show cat the price begins at $1500. The only cats accepted as show cats are the ones with the seven toes. The breed is registered with the TICA, and the Canadian cat association.

This is a beautiful, loving cat breed with a gentle nature and makes a wonderful pet for the whole family; it’s not stingy with its love.

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