Cat behavior and quirks based on breed – Part 1

Cats are not just a pet kept inside some appartment in some giant town where particular breads are making them valuable. Out in some rural parts of the south west UNited States pet cats are being used in many ways to help keep other animals safe.

Out in the north east corner of New Mexico, where much of the terain is just like it was before the teratory was accepted into state hood there is one bread of snake that is poisonous and can harm ranchers and farmers in many ways.

Let’s just say that the rattle snake has a natural warning system. When it rattles before striking any native residant who knows what that is can glance around and save him or herself. All the old timer residants arond the Texas Panhandle know that cowboy boots were initially made to give the early settlers intense protection on their lower legs. It’s just that anyone trying to make a living in the south west needs more protection than cowboy boots could ever provide for his or her stock and horses.

One thing about rattle snakes, that makes them hard to control, is that they are naturally hunters out to eat what ever they can like rats and mice. That kind of prey can be very plentyfull out in rural areas where there is no regulated way to care for garbage and in the old days leftovers were comonly fed to pigs to produce some more family chow.

It might have been way back in them days of the early settlers when someone discoveed taking the out-side cats with them helped keep mice and rats away from camp and th early homestead.

That’s probably why, in this day and age, there is a bread out here in the south west called wild cats. I have had to personally learn how popular that bread is around here on my own. That started last year when a mammy cat snuck her three kittens into our barn to wean them and I couldn’t help lovingly try to pet them and then take care of them.

Since they were hungry enough to make friends I slowly became accepted by them and learned there were two pussy cats and one tom cat. I got to admit that these were the first wild cats I had sean around our place and didn’y understand them fully.

That made me truly surprised after the tom cat became about nine months old and some other with tom cats which had been secreatly roaming around the fields next to ours, ran Newby off.

Them other wild cats didn’t mess with the pussy cats because they were too young to go into heat. They just were able to pig out on the cat food I had placed on the hay stack to feed the three wild cat kittes I knew.

It was after encountering this tradgedy I learned how popular wild cats are out on the surrounding ranches. That allowed me to trap the old tom cats and easily give them away. IN the end that has helped me save our horses because in the fields surrounding us the owners have had horses bit by rattle snakes. Since we got them three wild cats and they have matured enough to be serious hunters I haven’t seen a rattle snake on our place for a year now.

This should have been an open subject to my mind right away because on his diary farm my grand father allways kept some wild cats to run off any rats and mice.

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