Cat behavior and quirks based on breed

Many people searching for the ultimate in companionship turn to pets. Cats in particular. Because cats in general tend to be independent they seem to be more logical than dogs. But before you rush out to the local shelters or pet stores, consider the following breeds.

1. The Sphynx

A hairless cat that is tolerable for people with mild allergies, this breed has an intelligent face and a friendly expression. Sphynx are very inquisitive and love to be the center of attention. With their “look at me” attitude, these silly cats will surely entertain.

While these highly energetic cats do prefer attention from their humans, the do enjoy the company of dogs and other cats. So, if you are looking to add to your family, don’t fret, this cat will get along with other pets.

2. The Abyssinian

This short-haired beauty is definitely not a lazy, decorative cat. Though not a lap cat, owners learn that the Aby will at times crawl under the covers, purring loudly beside you, before dashing off to explore some other part of the house. Known as the clown of the cat kingdom, Abys will perform for you amusement.

The Abyssinian is more of an adult’s cat and may not be suitable in households with young kids. Although fine around other cats, this breed is at its best when it doesn’t have to compete for you favor.

If you like the look of an Abyssinian, but want a more family oriented cat, consider the Somali. It is a long-haired version of the Aby that resembles a fox and has the tabby “M” on their forehead. The Somali is similar in intellect and energy, but knows when to “tone it down.” This breed is also good for multi-pet homes.

3. The Persian

This breed is highly popular, with its sweet and gentle personality that blends into most households. This is definitely the breed to get if you are looking for a lap cat. They love to pose on furniture and windows, and are not given to high jumping and climbing (as the previously mentioned breeds are so fond of doing).

Though this cat does have a slight reputation of being high maintenance and a prima donna, its melodious voice is pleasant and non-abrasive. The Persian has the ability to adapt to a boisterous home, this creature of habit is at its best in an atmosphere of serenity and security.

If you are looking for a cat, it is important to note that while cats in general have an independent streak, not all cats are right for all homes. If you have mobility issues, you will not want to buy or adopt an active cat because they tend to get underfoot. Likewise, if you want an entertaining cat that has dog-like enthusiasm, don’t buy lap cat.

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