Pet Care – A Cat’s Life Find care for your four-legged family members. Ever wonder what cats do all day? Hear more from Tabby: @TuckerandTabby Watch this cute cat video and see what a day in the life of Tabby looks like. 0:01 Bye! Have fun at work! 0:04 And it begins. 0:16 Did she eat all of the goldfish crackers again? 0:20 It’s a hard knock life, Tabby… 0:24 And what do we have here? 0:27 Do I smell food? 0:30 Aha! There you are, fishies. 0:32 This could be a trap… 0:33 Yeah, a cheesy, delicious trap. 0:36 Tabby, stay strong. 0:38 How about you stay quiet? 0:40 Come to mama. 0:44 Hold my calls. 0:47 Whew, who knew fishing was such hard work? 0:56 Ready for round 2! Nom nom nom. 1:02 Cleanup in Aisle 4 1:07 You’re wellllll-come! 1:12 Finally, I’m starving! [a little dismissive but also lovingly] Oh yeah, and welcome home.

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