Can owning a pet be beneficial to your health? – Part 2

Sharing your life with a pet can be beneficial to your physical and mental health. Pets have been known to help combat depression, sickness and disease.

For some people having a pet to come home to is a way to give life meaning again. Knowing that another life depends on you can really turn things around for some people.

It has been documented that stroking a cat, and listening to it purr can lower your blood pressure. How about that, a happy cat can make you healthier by engaging in a pleasant activity you will both enjoy.

For me, I know that no matter how rotten my day has been, as soon as my key hits the lock, I have two happy dogs inside. The wag their tails, they hold their ears, they lick my face and hands. They are so happy to see me I can’t help but smile on my worst day. My dogs are true friends. They don’t care if my make up isn’t perfect, or if my socks don’t match my ensemble. They don’t care if I made some terrible mistake at work or spent too much at the grocery store. They are just genuinely excited to see me, to be around me, and to hear my voice.

It sounds crazy, but I have seen dark days in my life. I feel certain that my dogs have saved my life. When I was alone and depressed, I knew I could not commit suicide because my dos would have no one to care for them. I knew I had to suck it up, get over my bad lonely feelings and go on living for my pets. I made the commitment to care for them, and I am not going to desert them.

So, yes, having pets involved in your life can be beneficial to your health. If I did not have my pets to love and care for I might not be here today. They saved me from myself, when I needed to be saved the most.

The impact a pet can have on ones health and quality of life is amazing.

Not only do pets offer a precious gift to the humans who share their lives, the gift of undying devotion, friendship and loyalty, a pet can bring happiness and companionship to an other wise lonely existence. Pets reduce stress levels and possibly high blood pressure. Pets are usually happy creatures, happiness is just as contagious as yawning or misery can be.

Pets can fill a void in a persons soul. In my opinion the benefits of sharing your life with a pet certainly outweighs any cons of having a pet. The unconditional love of an animal can change not only your outlook on life, but it can also help you heal and recover from injury, illness and disease.

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