Buying a pet: What to consider first – Part 1

Owning a pet is economically irrational. They generally don’t provide any monetary reason to keep them and usually they cost quite a bit of money to keep happy and healthy, but that’s not why we get pets. We get them because they’re so gosh darn adorable and because they make good companions. My family has two kitties and they’re both definitely worth keeping in my opinion, but let’s face it, they aren’t cheap. There’s health care, litter, toys, and food to take care of. Don’t worry there are plenty of great ways that you can cut down on the cost of owning a pet.

Health Care This can be the most expensive part of taking care of your pet if it has any health problems, but there are ways that you can cut down on the health care of your pets. First and foremost, shop around and figure out who has the best prices. The price of operations such as spading/neutering, de-clawing, and the like vary a lot from place to place. If you have to get medications for your pets, shop around online for them and make sure you’re getting the best deal. Keep your pets healthy to minimize trips to the vet. Don’t over feed the, don’t feed them stuff that’s bad for them, and give them plenty of exercise

Litter Buy this stuff in bulk, you’re going to use a lot of it through out the course of your pet’s life, so why not buy it at it’s cheapest unit price? When it’s on sale, buy a bunch of it. Get the cheapest brand around, your cat doesn’t need anything fancy to do their business in, and regularly clean your litter box so that the litter last longer. Look for manufacturers coupons for kitty litter on the internet for additional savings.

Toys & Accessories Don’t go out and buy over-priced pet toys or places for them to sleep. They rarely ever use them and instead find their own sleeping places and make their own toys. We’ve actually taught one of our kittens to fetch crumpled up newspaper balls. They cost literally nothing and it’s hours of fun for us and the kitty. A few balls that make noise is good for a kitty, but you don’t need a whole lot more than that. Let the kitty find its own place to sleep, don’t buy it a fancy bed. Usually they enjoy a cardboard box just as much as some fancy pet bet!

Food This is another major expense. My parents feed our kitties one thing of wet cat food a day to eat each and have dry cat food for them to eat as they please. Don’t overpay by getting the most expensive brands of cat food, your cat doesn’t care. They have far fewer taste buds than you and I. Talk to your vet and ask what a reasonable brand is to get in terms of cost and your pets health. Buy it in bulk when it’s on sale, and look for coupons!

Sure, pet’s cost money, but the rewards of pet ownership can far outweigh the cost if you can find a pet that’s right for you and your family. This post might have been an excuse to put pictures of my adorable kittens on my blog.

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