Buying a Cat – Crucial Information for New Owners

If you are purchasing or adopting a cat for the first time, there are many things that you need to take into consideration and know about your new pet. Cats require a decent amount of training, care, and attention. With these things, your cat can become the pet you always dreamed of.

Initially, you will need a few items before bringing the cat home. A collar is a good idea, since it provides identification. Unfortunately some cats don’t like to wear them. You will also need a water bowl, as well as a food bowl, a litter tray, scratching post, grooming tools, toys, a bed, and a pet carrier.

You will also need food for your pet. The cat is a carnivorous animal, so its diet should follow this trait. They need animal based proteins found in meats. Canned foods are a good source of this. They will need to be fed twice a day and make sure you supply plenty of fresh water.

Now that you have the essentials, it’s time to go pick up your cat. Bringing the cat into a new home is a very stressful time for the feline. You should let the cat set the pace for now. Put him in a small area or room with all his necessary items, such as bowls and litter box. Open the carrier door, and let him make the decision as to when he decides to explore. Keep coming to check on your new pet. This will make the transition a lot easier.

Training is an important part of pet ownership. A well-trained cat will be a happy cat, which results in a happy owner. Litter training should be done early. With proper time and encouragement, your kitty will master this quickly. It is also important to attend to the socialization aspect of training. Remember; encourage good behavior with rewards and praise. Bad behavior should be discouraged, by making it an unpleasant experience. But keep in mind: punishment plays no role in training.

You will also need to make some important decisions when acquiring a cat for a pet. You have to decide whether it will be kept indoors only or outdoors, or a combination of both. Just keep in mind, the risk factors present when allowing your cat to roam freely outside. You will also need to decide whether to declaw the cat or not. Some research into this will help you make an informed decision. Your cat will also need to be neutered around twelve weeks of age. This will be an asset to his health.

Learning to communicate with your cat is very important. You should be able to let him know what you want, and what you don’t want him to do. This can be achieved by developing a bonding relationship with him. Spend time with the cat and interact with him through play. Not only will this help you with communications, but it will also keep your cat stimulated. Have an ample supply of toys on hand to help accomplish this also.

Grooming is also a basic part of cat ownership. Your cat should be brushed daily, and have its nails clipped monthly, if not declawed. Bathing will depend on its coat. A good relationship will make grooming a breeze for you both.

Finally, make sure your cat gets basic medical care. There are immunization shots which are very important to your cat’s well being. Likewise, pay attention to your cat’s communication with you to find out if he is sick. The litter box will be the first sign there is something wrong with your cat.

You’ve prepared your house, taken care of medical needs and trained your cat. Now take the time to enjoy your felines company. He will purr with delight, as he snuggles on your lap.

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