Best small critters as pets – Part 1

Are there more pets besides cats and dogs? The answer is yes. These “critter” pets are becoming almost as popular as cats and dogs and are often times easier to take care of. Small pets are great if space is a concern. Any pet that lives in a tank or aquarium is popular for apartments since no walks or large spaces are required.

Buying a small critter for your child helps to teach them responsibility early on in life. Starting with something as simple as a fish can teach children the importance of caring for an animal, but without as much care as a cat or dog may require. As the child ages, the pets can change, requiring more of your child.

1) Hamsters, gerbils and guinea pigs

These are popular choices for small pets. They live in cages and interconnecting tanks. The main responsibilities include keeping food and water in the area at all times and cleaning the bedding. Shredded newspaper can be used to floor the animal’s habitat or you can purchase special chips at your local pet store. Your pet store will also be able to provide you with the correct food. You can always add on to your pet’s home, but the basic costs are minimal. They are also interactive and friendly, which is great for children as well as adults.

2) Fish

Fish are incredibly simple to take care of. An aquarium the appropriate size, water, fish flakes, and regular cleanings of the aquarium is all that is required. Fish are not incredibly interactive, but fun and soothing to watch. They are popular for pretty much any area. Offices tend to have aquariums to add life and color to the area. You can popular the aquarium with live plants and several varieties of fish can live in the same tank. This is a good pet for just about anyone, especially those with busy schedules.

3) Reptiles

Reptiles may not be the best pets for children, but are popular among adults. They can be interactive and fairly easy to care for. Check to be sure which species are legal in your area. Some popular reptile pets include lizards, frogs, and snakes. You will need an aquarium and the appropriate food. Insects and small animals serve as their typical diet. These are fun and original pets.

4) Mice

Normally these are considered pests, but they can also be great pets. They require the roughly the same things as hamsters. They are also good pets for children and very playful.

5) Rabbits

Rabbits have always been popular pets. They are playful and friendly. A cage, food, water, and cage cleaning is all that is normally required. If you wish to own multiple rabbits, be certain they are the same gender or else you may end up with more than you bargained for.

6) Birds

There are many varieties of birds. Parrots and canaries are probably the most well known. Birds can be fun and soothing to listen to. Anyone loving to watch birds outside may want to consider owning one as a pet. All you will need is a cage, food, water, and a few toys to make your bird happy. Remember to keep all doors and windows closed if you let them out to play.

Chinchillas, Turtles, and Ferrets

These pets are gaining popularity quickly. All are easy to care for. Turtles are not exactly active, but still make great pets. Ferrets and chinchillas are very active and enjoy plenty of attention. Beware; though, ferrets are sneaky and love to steal things.

When you give children pets, be certain to supervise their playtime. As adults, spend time researching your pet’s needs. Learn what they like and do not like and most importantly; simply enjoy owning your little critter.

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