Best guard dogs

One of the characteristics people look for in a new pet is how loyal they will be to their family and how well they will look after them. Choosing a dog simply on his ability to guard against threat is merely one of the qualities of a good guard dog.

While it is easy to see why large breeds, like the German Shepard and the Rottweiler, are chosen for this task it is also important to remember that “it is not the dog in the fight but the fight in the dog” that really matters.

A Chihuahua may fend off a burglar for you while the Mastiff takes a nap on the couch he steals and the cute little poodle may be the first to run to your child’s’ aide at the playground when your big, bad pit bull is too worried about the piece of paper floating by in the breeze.

Either way, while some dogs seem made for the job, like any other employee it is useless without the right training. From day one, a family pet should be treated as a family member, ranking lower of course than you, the owner. Proper training and socialization, a good environment, and plenty of love will bring your dog’s natural desire to take care of you to the front at all times.

The best guard dog is always the one that listens. Most believe that the dog should be the one sounding off, letting you know of the threat but unless it is a true emergency, your dog should patiently wait for you to size the situation up first and then respond accordingly. A well trained dog will wait for your command and will trust your judgment. Just because the dog has never seen a mailman, does not give him the right to make his own mind up about what to do about it. He or she should look lovingly at you, the gentle master, and accept your decision. Anything else is a loaded gun with a faulty scope.

A wonderful breed to consider is the English Staffordshire Terrier. A small, stocky dog that resembles her American Staffordshire Terrier cousin, are renowned for their guard abilities and loyalty to family and children. In England, these Staffies are known as nanny dogs and even the Queen has a few squatty Staffies about the castle.

So when choosing a pet for your family, do your homework and put love of the dog first. His desire to care for you and natural pack instinct will prevail and flourish giving you not only the best guard dog in the world but also a lifelong friend.

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