Best dogs for kids

The kids have been begging for a dog for months. You’ve discussed the responsibilities and humane treatment of a pet. More importantly, they are old enough to understand what their part will be in taking care of this new family member. To be doubly sure, you create a chart with each child’s name, the responsibility for each of them on what day. You post it in a location they can see and you go over it with them before you even start looking for a dog.

The next step is deciding on a dog breed that will be good for everyone. You’ll also need to decide if you’ll get a puppy or an older dog. Will you scour the want ads, make a trip to the humane society or check out the pet shops? The answer to these questions are completely personal, but still an imortant consideration.

Top Dog Breeds for Kids

AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS: They love to play and please their family members. Australian shepherds are perfect if your kids are old enough to run and throw a ball with her. These are very smart, easy to train dogs. This will make mom and dad happy as house training comes as second nature to this pet. Family members need to understand that a dog that is intelligent can also become easily bored. Make sure the “Aussie” gets enough attention and play time. If you decide on the Australian Shepherd but any of your children are a bit too small to run and play, get a puppy so it will grow with the little ones.

BEAGLES: This dog is the perfect kid-size pet, not so small they might accidentally hurt him and not so large that they can’t handle him. He will love everyone in the family and go about the day with a wagging tail (like a smile on his face). He’s ready to run and play at a moment’s notice. They are curious dogs, so you will need to keep them contained or they may take off following their nose. It is probably best to get a puppy rather than a full grown dog unless you know the owner and how it’s been handled. Beagles that have been allowed to rule the home as alpha dog, may not work well with children. But then, all dogs should be trained to know that the owner is the alpha dog of the pack.

BOXER: They are affectionate and loyal to the family. Boxers can be very energetic and may need more running and ball throwing than other breeds for kids. So, if you have active children that love being out doors with their dog, this dog will be a perfect choice. Although the boxer is known to be a perfect kid’s dog and gets along well with other dogs and even cats in the family, rodents

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