Best breeds for guard dogs – Part 1

There are so many types of popular breeds of dogs. I honestly don’t think there is a best breed of a guard dog, I believe it is a persons choice. I have 3 house dogs and they are all different breeds. I have a Rat terrier, Chihuahua, and a Doberman pincher. Dogs may be mans best friend but, are we really drawn to a preference? Of course we are.

Now it may come to your surprise that the Rat terrier is the best at protecting, she even over powers the Doberman that we have. Yes there are very well trained dogs to protect, but when it comes to a certain breed it is how you train your dog. We have an outside dog that protects just as good as a well trained guard dog.

He is basically a Heinz 57 dog, a mutt, when we lived in town he was our only dog we had, that stayed in the house with us. We acquired him as a very young puppy around 5 to 6 weeks of age, he happened to be the runt of the litter. As he began to grow he became more and more protective of his family and the house.

When people came to visit he would not let them in the door period. About 10 years ago we moved out to the country and we decided to put him outside since we lived on a dead end road and didn’t have much traffic at all on the road. When people still come to visit he won’t let them up on the front porch, he verily let them out of their car. He has never bitten anyone, he just lets them know that he doesn’t like strangers around and stands his ground.

We never had to train this dog. He even trained himself when it came to potty training. We simply just put him in a small area with an open gate where he could see us and he would wine and bark when he needed to go out. After about a month of keeping him contained he was house broke. He would hardly ever go in the house, he would wait until we go home to go. When we would walk in the back door he would be right there waiting to go out.

To this suggestion of what I have learned about my dog, you can most likely train any dog to come to love and protect its family/owners. Unless you have a dog that plain simply loves everyone and it doesn’t matter who comes to visit they just want attention. You may even come across those stubborn dogs that seem almost impossible to train.

When we first got out Rat Terrier she was one of those stubborn dogs, we had her for about 8 months and my husband decided to get a full size Doberman that was 6 weeks of age. Being a puppy they always get into trouble but, I don’t regret getting her cause she simply trained our Rat terrier. In order to choose the right dog for your family or for protection. You need to know more about what type of dog you want, or are looking for.

There are so many breeds and of course owners always thinks their pet is the best! After all, our own dog(s) wouldn’t be the best to use if we didn’t love them.

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