Bengal cats as pets – Part 1

Bengal cats possess some of the most eye catching colors and coats amongst the various cat breeds. They are exotic and gorgeous. For the true cat lovers that enjoy looking at the wild cats in the zoo’s and wildlife pictures this cat is extraordinary to look upon. Some resemble the cheetah in appearance while others may spot and color more toward a leopard. However, when owning one or considering one as a pet there are a few things to consider.

These cats are carefully bred down from wilder cats such as the leopard. As one interested in breeding these beautiful babies, there has been a lot of research and time put into learning about how these animals are bred. This is relevant information to any owner of them because it explains what one can expect from their nature. When breeding the Bengal, there is careful care put into exactly how far down the line of wild to domesticated the animal is bred. Most Bengals are bred fourth or fifth place down from the leopards lineage to retain the coloring and spotting so unique and for the most acquiescent household pet.

Bengals do still display more feral tendencies than other breeds. Being careful how far down the line the cat is can be important when bringing it home. The closer to the wild lineage it is, the more of those characteristics it will bring into your home and life. A fourth generation Bengal may retain more feral tendencies than a fifth or sixth generation. When choosing one for a pet, ask the breeder how far down the line this litter is. Every cat has their own temperament, however, insuring that your pet is domesticated and tame will make a far more enjoyable experience for you and the cat. You can also ask the breeder pertinent questions about the cat’s personality toward the other litter mates and humans it comes in contact with.

A bengal cat enjoys its playtime! There is nothing more beautiful or amazing than watching the Bengal on a climbing expedition or basking in the sun. Make sure that you provide lots of colorful toys for the pet to enjoy. They can be quite active and will enjoy a home where they are free to play. If the cat has claws, provide appropriate scratching pads.

It is advised to keep the Bengal indoors at all times unless on a leash for a walk. They are avid hunters and will hunt such things as songbirds, which are a protected species of bird. These cats are very intelligent and will usually train for things such as leash walking, fetching, and most enjoy playing in water a great deal. This cat’s exotic appearance also makes it attractive to others that see it outdoors playing unsupervised. Avoid the grief of a neighbor adopting your gorgeous cat and make sure that any outdoor time is supervised.

Enjoy the Bengal but do take the time to bond with it. The best pet experiences come about when the pet and its family have respect, trust, and love for each other. Though it’s beautiful, unusual coat may be what attracted you to this breed, it is not just a possession to be owned and uncared for. Take care to make this a true member of the family and you will not be disappointed in your Bengal.

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