Benefits of formal dog training – Part 1

A well-trained dog is a happy dog.

A puppy that is allowed to do whatever it wants, whenever it wants, may seem cute and amuse us with its antics. But an untrained adult dog is a nuisance and even a danger, not only to all the humans in its life but also to other animals and itself.

Most dogs want to please their owners and enjoy getting lots of positive attention from them. Short but regular training sessions are enjoyable for the dog and its owner and help them to understand each other.

Basic obedience training involves using a dog’s natural instincts to help it adapt to what can be a very unnatural environment. For example, training a puppy to come when it is called, to walk at your side on a leash, to sit while waiting to cross a road, not only makes him easier to control but could save him from being the victim of a traffic accident.

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