Being a responsible pet owner – Part 3

Being a responsible pet owner is like being a responsible parent. Hopefully we can all say that we are responsible parents. First thing first. You need to aquire a pet. You should always choose the pet you want. Sometimes things happen and you don’t have this choice, but if you choose your pet, you will be much happier. If you want a dog, and can have a dog, get a dog. If you live somewhere that you can’t have a dog, look into getting a cat, ferret, bird, or some fish. If you don’t have much money, a fish or two might be the best way to go. They don’t cost a lot to buy or take care of. With any pet, the initial cost is usually the biggest one time cost. Remember, no pet is 100% free.

Now that you have a pet, give it a name. Think before you act. This is the name which you will be calling it by for the next several years. This is the name by which the animal will respond to.

Ok. So you have chosen a pet and you have named it. When you get home with your pet, show it around. If it is a pet that will live in a cage there might not be much to show it, but you can introduce a lot of sounds that it will come across in its environment. It is very important to let other family members know it is there. If it is a cat, dog, or other pet that will be roaming around, make sure you show it where it can and cannot go. At first the pet my not understand you, but eventually it will. Even cats do understand.

If you are not sure how to take care of this pet, start studying. Hopefully you got the basic instructions on care before you got the animal. Now is the time to improve your knowledge. This will make things less stressful for you and your pet.

Finally, if this pet is for a child, let the child take care of it. The parent still needs to step in and make sure the pet is being taken care of properly. This will make your relationship between you and your child stronger, and it might keep your child’s pet in better health.

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