Being a responsible pet owner – Part 1

Being a responsible pet owner is something you have to consider even before you buy or adopt a pet. Most pet owners are oblivious to the discomfort they cause to other people. More accurately, most people are oblivious to the discomfort they cause to the people or even their beloved pets. Some of the most loving pet owners will cause a pet to suffer, long after the pet itself has given up the will to live.

Two things are important to consider when being a responsible pet owner. The first one is to the security and well being of the pet and the other is the community you live in.

Being a responsible pet owner means that you consider the nature of the pet you own. You may not like to think that you own the pet, but you will be held legally accountable for how you keep and care for your pet and for the actions of your pet.

I’ve known pet owners to say “it’s okay” to people including myself when their dog is chasing a person down the drive way, barking and being territorial. Such behavior of the dog causes discomfort to the passer-by and does not feel okay. The dog expressly means to cause discomfort and chase the person off.

Saying “it’s okay” is like telling your guest to “relax” when your dog is barking into your guests face. The responsible pet owner should consider three things in a situation like this. The human is your guest. The human is in your house. Your dog is barking at your guest. A responsible pet owner would put out the dog.

Keep in mind that some people can take matters into their hands, should the pet owner shows no good judgment. I once warned a dog owner that I would chase out the dog unless he calmed his dog down. He laughed at my obviously ridiculous proposition. I took a broom and began to chase the dog around the house. Unfortunately the dog got cleanly away.

Two potentially bad things can happen in a situation like this. The dog can attack the human or the human can attack the dog. I personally hate being intimated by dogs. Consider the law in most jurisdictions, where in the event of a brawl between a human and dog, the dog would get put down. In addition as a pet owner you can also be sued through civil court if your dog attacks and bites a person.

I also loath pet owners who do not clean off cat or dog hair off their coats. That to me is not a sign of responsible pet ownership. Being a pet owner means keeping your pet groomed. While you are at it, grooming yourself would be a great follow up.

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