Being a responsible pet owner

Owning a pet is really no different from having a child, except that the pet will not blame you for all its problems as it enters adulthood. After saying this, there are things people must do to ensure that their pets are getting the best care possible.

After adopting your dog or cat, make an appointment with a vet as soon as possible. Your animal must be spaded if a female, and neutered if a male. The vet will give the animals tests for diseases such as leukemia, AIDS, and other conditions such as fleas and ringworm. Your pet also needs shots such as the rabies shot and Bordatella shot. If you decide to take a cat or dog in from the street, the vet visit will be all the more important because you are starting from scratch. If the animals has never lived in a home before, chances are it either has not been to the vet, or has not been to the vet in a really long time.

As soon as the vet tells you your pet is healthy, you could take the animal home. This is where the cautionary tales come in. If your pet is a dog, DO NOT ever leave your dog outside with your gate closed, even if the dog is tied up and the gate is also. Nowadays, dog nappers will stop at nothing to steal a dog. you are just enticing them by dangling your pet in front of them. Especially if the weather is very cold or very hot, your pet has all the more reason to be inside. Most people are afraid to leave their dogs in the house because they think the dog will go to the bathroom, and they will come home to a surprise. Well, the only surprise that you do not really want is seeing no dog at all.

If your pet is a cat, do not allow the cat to go outside. This is where all the unwanted kittens come from. In the United States, shelters are filled to the brim with kittens and even puppies all vying for a home. Fixing your pet will solve a big part of the homeless problem. Even if your cat is fixed, it runs the risk of getting run over, getting into fights with other cats, and getting injured from raccoons, to name a few incidents I have seen. Cats may be thought of as tough, but even their sharp nails and even sharper wit cannot defend them against nature.

Always leave your cat a water bowl and dispensable pet feeder when you are going on vacation for a few days or just going out for a short while. This ensures that the animal will have enough food and water on hand, and it will feel like it is taken care of as well.

Dog owners: when walking your dog, ALWAYS, ALWAYS use a leash. God forbid your dog bites someone, you could testify that it was on a leash, which is a law in the United States as it is. Along with a leash, you should bring a piece of paper or a bag to clean whatever waste your dog does. Leaving waste on the ground not only makes people angry by getting on their shoes; it is also breeding grounds for diseases and germs which could be transmitted from animals to humans.

Finally, even though you probably had a busy day at work, and all you want to do is rest when you get home, try to schedule playtime with your pet. It allows your pets to get out some bottled-up energy, and also gives both of you some much needed exercise. We are continuously hearing about overweight pets and humans in America, and just ten minutes of playtime could bring both you and your pet into a happier and healthier way of life.

Just like raising children, raising animals is always a big responsibility. But if you talk to other pet owners and use different resources to get information, you will be making a better like for both you and your babies.

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