Behavior: Stop the dog from biting

Dogs are known as man’s best friend. In some cases people think differently such as when a dog bites a human. Dogs bite for many reasons. Some of the reasons are due to fear, protection, or play biting. Play biting should not be tolerated by the owner of the dog. When playing with a dog, if the dog gets aggressive and bites too hard, the dog needs to be punised. In the act of the dog biting you too hard while playing the dog needs to be told it is bad and wrong. Let your dog know not to do this and that it will not be tolerated. Do not hit your dog or show that you are about to hit the dog. What you should do is stop playing with your dog, tell the dog no and either put the dog in another are or walk away after telling him no. Another type of biting that a dog may act apon is a fear biter. Never corner a dog while lecturing him/her. This will cause a fear biting dog, he/she becomes scared and will do whatever it takes to protect itself, and biting is a way that they protect themselves. A dog will also become a fear biter if he/she is being or was abused. Never hit your dog, because they will protect themselves sooner or late by biting or disobeying their owner. There are fear biting dogs and that is not a dog that you want to own especially if you have young children in the house. Young children are very playful and some actions that they may take apon the dog could frighten the dog depeneding on how that dog is trained. Dogs are usually trained to protect their owner(s), and others just automatically do it by instinct. This type of biting may occur if the owner is being attacked and sometimes when the owner is playing with another human. If your dog protects you becuase you are being attacked physically then this is a normal reaction. If your dog is using these actions while you are playing around with someone you need to let the dog know that this is wrong. If your dog is not responding to you correctly while training him/her, there are kennals and other pet training places you can bring him/her to. In all cases though, you do not want a dog that bites and if you never let him/her know that it is wrong, the biting will continue and possibly worsen.

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