Become A Dog Trainer: 10 Mistakes You Should Know

#1) Dont stick new dogs and puppies in a cardboard box. Find a safe, quiet area in the house and prepare a soft bed for them (blanket, etc.). A secondary option is to buy dog crates for potty training for puppies. The dog crates should be just big enough for them to turn around inside. Any larger, the puppy or dog would be inclined to eliminate in the dog crates.#3) Dont leave dogs and puppies in a confined area for long periods of time unattended. You must slowly work into a routine that will help them establish control of their bladder and bowels.#5) Dont just feed your dogs and puppies once a day. Puppies should be feed three times a day until they are three to six months of age. Adult dogs should be feed at least twice day.#7) Dont ignore your dogs and puppies. You must show love and compassion every day. Take them places. Do things with them. Talk to them lovingly as you would a child. Buy appropriate collars for dogs and puppies with a leash and keep them on the lease at all times when out of the house for their safety and your liability protection.#9) Dont give your dogs and puppies bones to chew on. Bones can splitter while chewing and if swallowed, could be fatal. Its not worth the risk.If obedience training dogs is your goal, avoid these mistakes and youll be on your way to become a dog trainer. Remember that dogs and puppies are looking to you for proper guidance.

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