Bathtime for your pet

Bath time for your pet dog can be an enjoyable or even a humorous experience. How often should you give him or her that long needed bath? This all depends on how dirty the dog gets. Even seasons like summer may require more frequent bathing because of either ticks or fleas which ever love to invade your pet. Sometimes by making an outline of your pets activities will help you make this decision.

* Out door pets will commonly require frequent bathing.

* House pet that is seldom out doors less frequent.

You could consult with your local veterinarian. When you take in your pet for his yearly or annual check up; make a list of your questions you want to ask him.

Know one is better qualified will know what is the best way in giving your pet a bath. He might even have is own dog shampoo product or products. That are more appropreiate for your size or kind of dog.

The vet usually will keep track of any products that you’ve acquired through his clinic but any allergies in ways of shampoos. They usually know what kind or type of shampoo is good for your individual type of pet. By having records kept on your purchases will keep track of the product name and other information for you.

Let him know if you are first time dog owner because he will either advise you or give you pamphlets on different issues you might have questions about.

Try keeping the same vet so it will make you and your dogs life easier.

If you do move away than it wouldn’t hurt to get your dogs history records either printed up or put into your computer files. You also could ask him to send them to your new vet clinic for you. They might ask for a service fee. the new vet will be informed on your dogs case history or any other medical issues. This could save you added medical costs in the long run. This advise could be actual for most pet owners weather a dog or cat even a lizard.

Must give you credit for taking on the responsibility of a pet. But caring enough to provide for him with loving care. Further I don’t claim to be an expert on dogs but have raised several dogs. Each of my them were a blessing for me to care for. They all gave me more by their unconditional love. My best friends they were to me and memories of them is still in my thoughts. Hope in some small way I’ve been of help for the sake of your pet. YOUR BEST FRIEND.

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