Bathtime for pet dogs – Part 6

Ahh bath time, every dogs nightmare! My dogs, a Westie and a Golden, love water when it’s outside. “Hose” is their favorite summer game. I just put the nozzle on ‘stream’ and turn it on and the fun begins. The Westie, Bugsy, attacks the nozzle getting the stream right in his face. Emma, my golden girl, jumps at the spray farther out. She tries to catch the water drops. I think Bugsy is trying to kill what he perceives as vermin.

Back to bath time, they hate it. Suddenly water is the enemy and I’ve become a torturer. I found a spray hose that attaches to the shower head and is long enough to reach Emma cowering in the back part of the tub. I had tried several other such hoses but they all attached to the faucet. They attached but unattached when the water was turned on and were barely long enough to reach a dog sitting right under the faucet.

You are going to get wet bathing your dog so dress accordingly. I do my dogs in my bathroom so I un-dress accordingly. I also get in the tub with whoever is getting the bath. I have to do Bugsy first because if he sees that Emma just had a bath he will hide. Emma may not like being bathed but she loves attention so she submits to the inevitable.

I line up their shampoos and conditioners on the floor, remove everything I don’t want to get wet, put a beach towel on the floor, and have a stack of towels ready. I also have one wash cloth for Bugsy’s face. That’s the price he pays for that adorable face full of fur and a beard that shows everything he’s had his snoot in recently. Things like food and dirt and leaves and twigs, you get the idea.

Okay, we’re in the tub and the first thing I do is turn the hose on making sure it’s pointed away from the dog. I spray their paws and my feet and try to make it fun. I giggle and laugh and tell them how much fun this is and what a good dog they are. Emma soaks it up, the water and the idea that it’s fun. Bugsy, being a terrier and having a more cynical view of life, looks at me as if to say, “I’m not buying a word of this and you know it.”

The next step for Bugsy is to wash his face and beard with a washcloth. I don’t put shampoo on the washcloth, just water. By now he’s really not a happy terrier, so the pretense of fun ends and I get down to business. I wet him down and then pour a line of shampoo down his back and start scrubbing. He does like this part. Westie’s are notorious for skin problems. Bugsy hasn’t had any but I’m sure his skin does get itchy.

Then I do

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