Bathtime for pet dogs – Part 3

Bath time with your dog should be like bath time with your children, only a little more elbow grease will be involved. Here are some tips that I have found helped me tremendously over the years. I no longer have to drag my dogs on their tummies choking them with a collar and chain, now I call them by their names and invite them to bathe, they come running.

Find a place that is not intimidating to the dog. It should be a place that they are allowed to access freely at all times. Restricted areas on a daily basis scare the dogs when they are lured into unfamiliar zones. If your dog is an outside dog then bathe it outside.

Fill a bucket of warm water and put in the shampoo and foam it ready. From experience dogs hate the tickling sensation from the shower head or hose but they will endure it once wet. Use a cup and start wetting the dog from the bucket, slowly if they are nervous. Dogs love a good scratch, so scratch but not too hard. Continue to wash the dog all over and leave the face area until last. If your dog is prone to nipping you when you reach the chest, sit down and have the dog lie down next to you and tickle it as you wash. You will be surprised that they soon realize bath time comes with alot of attention and loving that sometimes we find hard to give because of life committments.

Talk to your dog, in a calm manner, have a conversation. They listen. Praise the dog and tell them where you are washing them next, especially when approaching sensitive areas. Some dogs get anxious when you touch them on their tail or bottoms, keep one hand on another part of the dog whilst washing and keep talking. If at first they are still anxious, persevere, they need to gain your trust.

If you have accomplished the above you are ready to rinse. By now you may be soaking wet, covered in shampoo but the dog is happy, theres been no yelling, barking or biting, from either party ! Now rinse with the hose but with gentle pressure. Slowly use a downward stroking motion from the neck going straight down to the tail. This will also help lift the loose hairs. As you progress you can rinse using a comb or brush to help get the suds out completely. Remember to rinse very well as dry shampoo will cause dry flaky skin. When rinsing under the chest area, crouch down on the side of the dog and gently lift the chin so you can get under the neck. You will find that they will turn their heads accordingly as you gently guide their faces away from

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