Bathtime for pet dogs – Part 1

Your dog will require bathing from time to time. Dogs do clean themselves to the best of their ability. Regardless of if the pet is kept indoors or outdoors, it will need a bath!

To determine how often to bath your dog, do a little research on the breed. I have a beagle and a redbone. My beagle should have a bath once a month. This in addition to regular brushing and possibly a dry bath. However, my redbone can be bathed less often. His coat is always beautiful, and he smells good, it sounds funny but we call him the ” Pumpkin Pie Puppy”, as he smells sweet, spicy and like pumpkin always.

It is easy to clean a small dog in your kitchen sink. Medium sized dogs can be placed in a bath tub with little effort. Large breeds are a lot more difficult to bath. If you have a large dog, you will want help to safely place your dog in your bath tub. Your dog will be fine, it is the act of getting him in the bath that is difficult. If you are assertive, calm and in control your dog will cooperate with you. If you find the bathing process to be too difficult, enlist the service of a professional groomer.

You must keep in mind that your dog will not need a hot bath. Some breeds can suffer skin damage from hot water. Dog shampoo is fine to use. Don’t use soap on your dog! Soap will dry out the dogs coat. Bubble bath is great as an alternative to soap, as bubble bath does not contain soap. Bubble bath is available in so many fantastic scents, you can have a uniquely scented dog! I love Avon bubble bath for my dogs.

Also pay attention to not get anything in the dogs eyes, and gently clean his ears. As you are finished with the bath, place your dog on a towel, or assist the dog from the bath tub. Make sure you get your dog really dry, and you probably won’t want to go for a walk immediately, as your dog will want to roll around and get dirty again. Chances are after the bath, you will have a happy, frisky dog. Be prepare for lots of running and playing. After your dog has exhausted himself from running around, you might be able to trim the nails easily. You must be careful not to cut the quick, or where the veins in the nail are. You should either pick up the clippers designed for a dogs nail, pay a groomer , or your vet to clip the nails safely. If you cut too far, your dog will bleed from his nail. In some instances, dogs have bled to death from this kind of injury.

If you maintain a regular grooming schedule, your dog will not fight you. Bathtime should be a fun event, not torture.

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