Are small dogs safer pets around children? – Part 2

Are smaller dogs safer around children?

That is not a question you can ask!

It is categorizing dogs in a wrong way. By its size,

and that is discrimination! 🙂

Size doesn’t matter, you should all know that!

It is the breed that counts. At least: can count.

Because you can never tell, can you?

A dog can have such a friendly nature, but it is still an animal.

Animals are always unpredictable and can turn around one day, unexpected,

and attack you or your child(ren).

You never know.

Statistics proof that smaller dogs are more nervous.

My opinion is that that is not a good combination with unpredictable children.

It can make them a lot more nervous. What will make them bark more. And who knows: out of insecurity it might attack.

Statistics proof that smaller dogs bark more.

Is that because they want to be heard? Where are you, my little friend? 🙂

They bark out of insecurity.

They also say that they are less friendly.

Has this got something to do with their nervous/insecure behavior and the barking 🙂

With children around, this can be a bad combination and create a hectic household.

Still, my opinion is that size doesn’t matter.

You can have a big softy or a small little bitch.

A little friend or a huge aggressive one.

If you’ll have children and dogs together you should watch them anyway.

Especially in the beginning. They have to get to know each other a bit.

The most important thing is if they except & respect each other.

If they do, or it seems they do, it is not necessarily alright.

Make sure your kid is not bullying the dog.

This happens a lot, unfortunately. It will make the dog more aggressive.

It might not be the dogs fault to turn around one day, and attack.

What would you do? 🙂

Still, I think it is good for children, growing up with a pet (dog).

They will learn to take care of an animal, learn its needs, appreciate it, understand it,

respect it, play with it and love it.

It can become their best friend.

This, of course, in the best scenario.

The end.

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