Are small dogs safer pets around children?

This question, as with many others, has the same answer. Size doesn’t matter!

Of course some of the most notoriously vicious dogs are larger breeds. But really who in their right mind would train a shitzu to be an attack dog? Some of the most loyal, protective, sweet dogs are larger breeds. I highly recommend doing thorough research on each breed before selecting one.

Did you know that poodles of all breeds are known to snap the most at small children. Of course that headline is nothing compared to “Pitt Bull mauls toddler”. There are certain dogs that are inherently aggressive and not safe for kids, on the same note some dogs you would think would not be safe, (Pitt Bull/German Shepard) are actually very sweet tempered dogs who are very safe with most children. The problem is with how they are raised and bred. You inbreed a dog enough times you are asking for trouble. If you raise a dog to attack people it will attack people. It is also very common for pure-bred dogs to be slightly more high strung.

Of course a smaller dog can generally do less damage to a child if it bites as opposed to a larger dog, keeping in mind children are bitten by smaller dogs twice as much as larger dogs.

Do your research, train your pet properly. That also means to train your child properly. Most children are bit while holding food and taunting dogs, or trying to pet dogs while they eat. Education is your best tool.

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