Are pooper scooper laws fair to pet owners? – Part 1


Turn this question around and imagine there was no law for a pooper scooper. It’s a dog owner’s right to clean up after their pet. Is it fair if they don’t? See yourself as a parent of (say a baby,) because a pet dog owner, can’t very well walk the streets, with their pet pooch in a nappy. But, there are also few places who cater for ‘where your pet, can go to the toilet’. Love your dog. Help your pet. They are not like you… who can usually ‘hang on.’

You would clean your baby by changing it’s soiled nappy. And being a clean responsible parent, you wouldn’t just leave that soiled nappy , on the grass or side walk, and keep walking. You would put it into a suitable bag, until you found the right facility for it’s disposal. Even if it means taking it all the way home, ‘well tied up’ This is where ‘the pooper scooper’ is no different.

You wouldn’t like to walk in another dog’s poop! Even here, you still ‘do to others as you would for yourself’. If you had a front garden without a fence, and any dogs going past were not on a leash, so therefore free to leave their parcel, for you, again you would not like it. Good responsible training helps, where and when, they go. But like a kid who finds it hard to wait, ‘a dog’s got to go when a dog’s got to go’!

It was up to us to be mindful at all times when our little pet traveled with us all round Oz land, twice. To allow stops for her, and clean up when called for. Whether walks on the beaches or in odd towns, any place. It didn’t matter. Giving yourself the ‘time’ to find the right or suitable place, saves those unexpected moments, and, helps your pet dog too. They soon learn what it means. But not being ready doesn’t mean, OK… it wasn’t expected , we’ll just hope ‘no-one sees’. Wrong.

Some places, like beach walks, always supplied especially made card-board scoopers, and others had rolls of little black doggy bags. It was great idea that a caring council did their 2-3 times a week rounds, and replenished each spot. To just brake one or two off, and be prepared. They were there for the use of, and disposal when leaving the area.

Once, when in the baby department of the super market, it dawned on me, hey, why not the little boxed, especially made for, nappy bags! These became the standard, to keep one or two in the pocket for our pet, where-ever we went, wherever we walked, and always in the camper-van ‘on tap’ (so to speak.) In fact… I just loved the way these little peach color

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