Are pooper scooper laws fair to pet owners?

Are “pooper scooper” laws fair to pet owners? I believe that they are fair to pet owners, primarily dog owners. I have read what others have written and I agree with some things that both say, but in the end I believe that we should have “pooper scooper” laws and that they are fair.

If there are no “pooper scooper” laws people won’t have to clean up after their animals if they chose that they do not want to. Yes, it is primarily adults that walk their dogs and they shouldn’t have to have a law telling them what to do in respect to their animal, but if there wasn’t one, I believe more and more people would start getting lazy. In fact, as I was just walking my dogs today (with a baggie holder attached to the leash) I seen someone across the street walking their dog. As I was passing them, I seen her dog using the bathroom in front of someone’s house and when the dog was done, she just kept walking. This is one of the very reasons why a “pooper scooper” law is fair to pet owners. And not only just to pet owners, but to non-pet owners, since they are the ones who have to deal with the waste that is left behind by the people that own the pets.

As for “everyone poops” and other animals poop outside…well, of course wild animals do but there is no one to pick up after them. That does not make it OK though. It is gross to step in poop from wild animals when you are out walking around the lake or through the woods. The difference is that we as pet owners can and should pick up after our pets so that nobody else has to chance stepping in it.

There really is not much more that I can say on this, other than it is simply a matter of respect to pick up after your own dogs. I don’t understand how someone would not want to do that. How would you feel if a dog came into your yard and used the bathroom on it and you had to either clean it up or you stepped in it because you weren’t expecting it to be there? You would probably be pretty mad.

Having a “pooper scooper” law shouldn’t bother the people that already clean up after their dogs; it is going to bother the people that don’t. So if you are one of the ones that are upset about this, why is that? If you already clean up after your dog then you have nothing to worry about, right? If you already clean up after your pets/dogs, then why wouldn’t the “pooper scooper” laws be fair? This law is not asking for a lot from you, as the owner of an animal. It is only asking you to please be considerate and respectful of others.

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