Are electric shock collars an effective method for training dogs? – Part 9

Yes, eletro schock collars are effective in most cases, at least until your beagle or terrier sees a squirrel outside the parameters of its yard. Then, no matter what the pain, what the cost, that dog is going for the prize on the other side!

Once a man decided to stop smoking. He went to a doctor who had rave reviews for curing almost 100% of his patients. When the man spoke to the doctor about his particular difficulty in giving up the vile habit, the doctor told him his method only took sitting inside a luxurious room for a week and he promised the man wouldn’t gain weight.

Waving good-bye to his wife the next day, off he went to the doctor’s office. Fully clothed, except for his shoes, he walked into a room of unimagined luxury. Comfortable chairs on one end and far away at the other an equally luxurious bathroom. In between lay a kitchen and dining table, both laden with foods which he had, until that moment, only dreamed.

He sat in the lounge chair, reveling in the soft music coming from its interior and rested well until the urge for a cigarette forced him to his feet. After a few anxious moments, he decided if he couldn’t smoke, he would eat some of the food to take the edge off his craving.

One step from the table, an electric shock, coming from the uncarpeted floor, bolted through his body. He rushed back to the safety of the chair. Eventually, nature urged him toward the bath. He smiled. There he could sneak the one cigarette he hid on his person. Barely had he sat upon the throne and struck a light than a larger electric shock rocked him. This treatment continued all week. He walked out of the clinic ten pounds lighter and fearing the thought of a cigarette. From that day on, the thought of a cigarette made him physically ill.

Dogs with electric collars stunning them each time they approach the limits of their yards, are no different. Enough punishment, offered at the same place several times during the day will have the same effect. Fear teaches many lessons. This particular one we don’t mind administering because our dogs don’t associate it with us. That makes it no less cruel.

I bought a shock collar for my Scottish terrier, a breed famous for insisting on its own way. But before testing it on him, I put it on myself and pressed a button. The collar went in the trash. I didn’t bother taking it back to the vendor; why leave it for another ‘proud’ owner to teach her dog fear.

Yes, the collars work, but unless a person can truthfully say she would love to wear one every day and be zapped every time she tried to leave her house, it’s best left for use on real problems, like say, unfaithful husbands.

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