Are electric shock collars an effective method for training dogs? – Part 8

A lot of people think that an electric shock collar is a cure all for any problems that their dog might have. Well this may be true, but only if it is used properly. Contrary to what people may think, they still have to train the dog, not just zap it every time the dog does something wrong.

First off, you are going to need to find the right collar for the right dog. If you have a dog that is 25 lbs make sure you get the collar that is right for that size. Thinking that a bigger collar will produce a bigger shock and therefore get the job done quicker will only hurt your dog. Giving your dog a shock bigger than it was intended to get could possibly be fatal or life altering. On that same note, any dog 5 lbs or under should not be placed in a shock collar. Being so small their bodies can not take the sudden jolt. If you are having problems you should seek other means of training.

Ask the associates at the store you are buying the collar from for any small tips or ideas that match your specific problem. They are there to help you and will be more then happy to help you. If your problem is to easy to fix, or they feel you are putting a dogs life at risk, they can refuse to sell one to you. Their job is to look after the well being of your dog, even if that means making some people a little angry on the way.

Now that you have settled on the collar that fits your dog best, your job is done right? Except for pushing the little button on the remote everything will go smoothly right? Wrong, your job has just begun.

The process of getting your collar to work properly is going to be an effort put in not only by your dog, but by you as well. Just zapping your dog every time they do something wrong will not get through to them. You need to first show them what they are doing wrong. If your dog for example is getting up on the furniture and you just zap them every time. They may get down for a second, but ten minutes later I can guarantee they will be right back up there.

Before even using your collar you need to teach the dog he or she is not allowed on the couch. If he is up there, use the command “off”. The first couple times you may have to drag them down, but always reward them with praise or a treat for getting down. Even dogs won’t work for nothing. Now, after a few times of that and the dog is still jumping up on the couch then try shocking them, just once, while saying “off”. When the dog gets down, praise them again. It may take sometime but they will eventually get the hang of things and eventually you may not need the collar anymore.

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