Are electric shock collars an effective method for training dogs? – Part 7

We can train our dogs only if we respect and we simply teach them something to do useful for us and for them.

The strategy we must follow is based on the principle: positive action-reward; negative action-no reward, but never punishing them if they don’t make what we want from them; dogs are the best friends of man and so they must remain.

Following this basic principle and excluding whatever training of dogs for aggressive purposes, it’s clear that shock collars are not a training means to make your dog a friend working with you but a cruel torture instrument, able to turn your dog into a slave that makes what you want from it only for not being punished by the electric discharges of the collar.These collars are used to oblige the dog to not to bark, to keep still and walk together with the owner without pulling to go elsewhere.

Many on-line sites sell them to persons without the patience to bear the natural behaviour of a dog or to train them with soft methods that only require more time or patience. The electric discharge starts automatically when activated by the dog’s barking to make it stop or also by trainers with a distance command; at most, it’s sufficient to push a button, it’s easy for an owner with a medium level of cruelty, but the dog suffers as your children or pupils would suffer if you expected to teach them something in the same manner.

The collar is painful and also dangerous, depending on the intensity of the electric discharge and it can cause physical and neurological stress to it and an increase of its aggressivity, besides the psychological humiliation of every human and animal subject, undergoing torture and slavery.

I’ve just read, just as an example, a new of February 23th, 2007, reported on the Italian version of Wikipedia news: rbino . The new talks of an intervention made by the “Guardie Zoofile” (agents specialized in wild and pet animals protection from abuses and violence) working in cooperation with the local section of ENPA (Ente Nazionale Protezione Animali, or National Association for Animals Protection), near Urbino.

Here, a 43 year old man, given some complains received from some neighbours of him for the continuous barking of his two dogs, had decided to impose them the electric collar that

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