Are electric shock collars an effective method for training dogs? – Part 6

I think electric shock collars are not the way to go. if you believe that your dogs can learn you shouldn’t put a shock collar thats worse than beating your dog if you want your dog to be loyal to you, you have to be loyal to it when you buy it, it’s part of the family now . You wouldnt like someone putting harm to you so don’t put harm to it. train it with treats train it with something that does not invole beating and you’ll get a better result than putting it on a shock collar how do u think dog trainers train their dogs they use positive things to incourage them to good.

Dont you think that when you get shocked by a collar it is going to be irratating its just like getting shot with a tazer its not pleasant.You really got to be careful about what dog you do that to cause they do turn on you when a certain amount of pain is in flicted on them.Get a gate instead of a shock collar a regular gate is a better than a shock collar what would happen if another dog comes up on your yard and they fight a gate prevents that not a shock collar you can insert your dominince in a diffrent way not hurting them in any form of way emotional or physical.

if you do have a shock collar throw it away get a gate thats the only way you’ll help yourself and your dog beacause pain hurts them as much as it hurts you they have to learned just like you had to learn when you were a baby with patience and understanding that they just have to be taught.thre are other ways to not ave a gate and still not have a shock collar on them.Its called a leash to it to something go buy a long leash were they can walk around in the yard and still not cross the boundray that you require.

That’s the perfect and simplest way to without spending all that money on something that inflicts pain on a dog.Think before u buy something that may hut your best freind beacuse a dog is a man best freind.just think of the results you’ll get you can walk your dog without out a leash beacuse you know that you trained and trusted him to do the right thing.

So change your mind about shock collars you’ll see how much freindly your dog gets and how loyal they are to you think about ….take the collar off and just have with your dog not only will your dog be happy you’ll be happy.Maybe some dogs do nee a shock collar beacuse they are to visous but i bet it could change with a little love from his family members.

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