Are electric shock collars an effective method for training dogs? – Part 4

If you wouldn’t use it on a human; don’t put it on a dog. Certainly there are other methods for training other than ones that induce pain. Electric shock collars may be effective, but the question here should be are there other ways that are morally and more humane than using electricity to train your animal. How out of control is your dog that you need to go to such horrific means to get them to behave? Training takes patience and time, coupled with the desire to form a bond between you and your pet. I’m not so sure my pet would see me as a compassionate owner if I needed to shock him into obeying my commands.

I don’t believe inflicting any type of pain on an animal is a form of training; it’s a form of abuse. How do you know your dog is physically capable of taking electrical shocks? Just because these devices are offered, it doesn’t mean each dog’s chemistry is the same. If they have an unknown heart defect, you just might kill them. Is that a risk worth taking? It seems to me that many see this type of training as quicker and less time consuming than the old fashioned way; taking your time.

The decision to bring a pet into your life shouldn’t be done so on a whim. There has to be the need to want a companion that you are willing to train, take care of and love. Certainly this shouldn’t involve spur of the moment devices to make the transition into your family and its rules to be a method that is harmful. Especially when there are a multitude of other ways to train your pet that aren’t hurtful.

There are many sources available to help you train your dog. Personal pet trainers, books, classes involving the participation of both you and your dog are just a few ways you can avoid a hurtful experience. Most importantly though, you need the willingness to try to find what is the best fit for you and your pet. Bonding is so important during training; ask any Police Officer who trains his dog for the force. Do you think they hurt the very animal they hope will one day save their life? Hardly. Both Officer and dog have an undying respect for one another and it didn’t come from inflicting cruelty.

To me, shock collars may be effective for those who don’t want too or can’t find the time to teach in loving ways. If that’s the case, than you have no right to own a dog in the first place. Let’s face it, if the question where changed to ask if shock collars were an effective method for training children, society would do more then shake their heads. Why should animals not be considered in the same way?

Training your animal takes time, patience, and commitment. If you are not up to the challenge, then you should get a pet that requires much less of you. To resort to training that fits what you’re comfortable with isn’t an effective way, it’s a selfish one.

Selfish people have no right to own an animal that offers unconditional love only because they’re shocked into being who you want them to be.

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