Are electric shock collars an effective method for training dogs? – Part 3

What has happened to society these days? We have children shooting each other; police officers using tazer guns to subdue criminals, and people wanting to electric shock their dogs. For the police, it seems unfortunate that criminal who have been tazered seem to die shortly thereafter. Could this be the future for pets trained with electric shock collars?

Electric shock collars being used as a method of training is a topic that I feel very passionate about.

Why get a dog in the first place if you are incapable of training your pet without inflicting such pain?

What kind of a person wants to electric shock their dog not once, but many times during the course of their walk. Sure it would be effective but at what cost? These collars burn the dogs flesh and can cause cardiac problems. No dog should live in fear of going for walk, it is supposed to be a pleasant experience. Why does society feel the need to go to such extremes? It is either all or nothing, no middle ground, no compromise.

As a member of PETA, there is no way that I can be aware of these collars and not try to do something about it. Why would anyone want to train their dog in such a manner? Would people like it? Of course it would achieve the goal but at what cost? What if children were given electric shocks every time the did something they shouldn’t? The public outcry would be enormous.

Using the electric shock collar can also have long term effects on the dog. It can cause medical problems for the dog and can also encourage them to become vicious because they want to retaliate against the perceived source of their pain.

For instance, if shock treatment has been given when they go near a child, the dog can associate children with pain thereby making children a target. This could also apply to the mailman or other service people that have come to the home and caused the dog to receive “pain,” the dog will then associate them with the pain and be even more likely to show aggression.

I have had dogs all my life and have never had a need for an electric shock collar. How did people train their dogs in the “old days” before electric shock collars were invented? They used good old reinforcement and rewards for good behaviour to train the dog showing them lots of praise when the command given was successfully accomplished.

For myself, I use a “walk-well halter.” It goes over the dog’s nose and fastens at the back of the head. The leash is attached to a ring under the chin, very similar to that of a bridle on a horse. It works amazingly well and allows me to walk my dog without her pulling, running, etc which, since I am partially disabled, is crucial. I think if my dog could speak, she would thank me for my choice

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