Are electric shock collars an effective method for training dogs? – Part 2

I say that electric shock collars are a humane and effective method for training dogs.

We use a “Innotek SD-2000 invisible dog fencing system to keep our beloved pets inside our yard. When you first get this system of course your dog receives a shock but its not like he gets shocked constantly over and over again. Most times it only takes one shock for the dogs to learn their boundaries. Any shock system gives the dogs a buzz sound as a warning when they are too close to the fence or if you have the collar for correcting behavior it will also do the same thing. I must say I would rather my dog be slightly uncomfortable than to be hit by a car because he dug a hole under the very expensive chain link fence. I would never own a dog without having an invisible fence period. I have also used the the shock collars. They are a very effective method for training your dog in many ways. We use electric fences all the time for our regular farm animals so why not our dogs also. Is it inhumane to have an electric fence for our cows or should we just give them a way to escape and possibly get hit by a car. That could injure someone or possibly kill them to hit a 2000 pound cow! If your children disobey you there are consequences. If your dogs disobeys what are you suppose to do? Send him to the corner? Give him a time out? Oh, I know! Take that favorite toy away. It never works. These are the most effective and quickest way to train them to stay home! Here is the information on the system that we have. Maybe they can explain a lot better than me.

Don’t let pet owners worst fears happen to you! Every pet owner wants to protect there pets and the Innotek SD-2000 invisible dog fencing system, once installed, provides an effective way to keep the dog not only safe in the yard, but also clear of out-of-bounds areas such as flowerbeds, gardens, decorative shrubbery, and pools. Not a rocket scientist? Don’t sweat itInstallation of this pet fence takes no time at all and can be done with common household tools.It is a snap in only three basic steps. Innotek systems consist of a buried yard wire connected to an indoor radio transmitter. When the dog approaches the wire, a special collar worn around his neck delivers a brief, totally harmless correction that discourages him from crossing the boundary. Corrections typically become less frequent as the dog learns his new limits. Innotek recommends dogs be at least six months old

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