Are electric shock collars an effective method for training dogs?

NO…………….. it is not ok to use electric collars on dogs, its not ok to shock any creature just to try and control them and make them do things they don’t want to do. This world is trying to stop control freaks making living creatures perform and do things against their will not encourage it.

To use an electric collar to try and control a dog for what ever use is outrageous. If you show love and respect to your dog and treat it in a nice and fair way the dog will reward you with obedience! If it’s to stop your dog running away then maybe stop being so nasty and try and maybe ask your selves ‘Why does my dog not like staying with me’ or even put up a fence to stop the dog escaping from your property!

If you seriously think giving a once wild animal (all dogs evolved from wolves) an electric shock because you can’t control them is ok , maybe you need to ask your selves this question, ‘should I or am I fit to look after another living being!’ . You would not do the same to your children to control them if they refused to stay in or eat their food. That would cause an outrage, and so should using these tactics on our pets who we are meant to be in care of.

The best way to train your dog is by making it fun and learnt the basic of body language for your dog. When you learn to driver a car you learn all about how they work it should be no different for getting a pet dog, learn about them, what makes them do what they do, their behaviour. It s easy as there is so many studies into our K9 friends there is just no excuse. When training your dog try using a treat, (cheese works great, strong smell and strong taste, really gets their attention). Dogs are clever and are always eager to learn and impress us as their masters, that does not give us the right to abuse their trust in us by shocking them to do commands!

Training dogs takes patience, time and effort and if you don’t have any of these maybe you should get your self a hobby where a living creature does not have to depend on your lack of compassion to meet its basic needs. So now ask your selves if I can’t be nice and respect this living being in my care should I have a dog at all? Maybe its time to get something that takes no care or maintenance or compassion which you lack. Try growing plastic flowers because they will match your compassion, fake but with all the niceness of having a caring image. You would be happier dog free and so would your dog be happy not being abused!

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