Are Dog Training Collars Humane

Are Dog Training Collars Humane?

You may ask yourself if dog training collars are humane. Many people are still under the impression that electronic dog training collars are uncaring “shock collars” that are used to harm dogs. Nothing could be further from the truth. The latest technology has not only enabled electronic dog collars to humanely train dogs, but these devices have safety features that will not allow them to be used to harm dogs.

Training a dog

It is not only hunters that need to train dogs. All dogs, if they are to live with humans, need to be trained. Dogs are very social animals and live to be included in the pack. This is the knowledge that you need when training a dog.

Using an electronic training collar only makes the dog get trained quicker than if you were using other means. If you are hunting and trying to train a gun dog, it is imperative, for the safety of the dog, that he is trained as quickly as possible so that he does not cause any harm to himself and learns to listen to commands.

Whistles and Commands

You can use whistles and commands – and should – when you are training your dog. But when you use them together with electronic dog collars, you make them twice as effective. You can get your dog trained in record time when you combine whistles and verbal commands with the electronic dog collar. The dog will quickly learn to associate the sensation from the collar with the behavior that he is exhibiting.

Of course, in addition to using the electronic dog collar, whistles and commands, you have to be sure to praise your dog when he or she does the right thing. When used in combination, both negative and positive reinforcement have a tremendous effect on dog training efforts.


Some people will say that using an electronic dog collar is not “humane.” But they will also balk at yelling at a dog as well as using a dog whistle. Those who believe that only positive reinforcement is needed to train a dog are living in a dream world. Unfortunately, there are many people who are afraid to train their dogs not only to hunt, but to behave in general. What usually happens is that the untrained dog becomes too much of a burden to bear and ends up being given to a shelter. In some cases, the dog may end up getting injured or killed because he has never been taught to listen to commands. Such as “stop” when he is trying to cross a street in front of traffic.

A dog depends on his owner to train him and make him into a social animal. A well trained gun dog will not only make a wonderful hunting companion, but will also be a fun pet for the entire family to enjoy. Using an electronic dog collar only expedites the training of the dog and does not do him any harm. The sooner your dog is trained and knows what is expected of him, the more relaxed both he and you will be.

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