WHY DO FULLY TRAINED DOGS STILL BITE? THE ANSWER: BEHAVIORAL DISEASE!!! Here you see Jane along with her son, Mickey, walking “Daisy”, the familiy’s formerly, explosively aggressive dog (before this visit). “Daisy” had already spent 6 months with the breeder for intense training and then 6 more months with a respected local trainer to deal with aggression towards adults, without showing any improvement. “Daisy” would still bolt out the front door to bite or lunge violently at people, even at a distance, making her impossible to walk. “Daisy” would swallow non-food items whole. Drug therapy was not the answer either. The key was in recognizing the presence of a behavioral disease (EPS) that does not respond to drug therapies, behavior modification or present day training modalities. Even though the family only wanted a visit or two from me rather than the entire six (6) visit Puppy Prep Program, you can clearly see the astounding and instant change that NORMALIZATION mechanisms always produce. No more BITING or FIGHTING, or charging the door, or running through the invisible fence, or destructive chewing, or chasing the cat or swallowing items whole. PEACE and TRANQUILITY. PS These principles of NORMALIZATION provided the foundation of reliable performance in every Seeing Eye dog that I trained for my blind students. I needed these dogs to behave in a relaxed and reliable manner especially when the situation was dangerous and the the distractions were great.

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