Amazing Dog-Tight Rope Walk Training

first of this is quite a long vid, but i want to show the whole vid as opposed to highlights..i have had a thought for 6 months or so that i wanted to teach oz to actually walk along a rope, and some of the other videos are a lead up to it..helping oz to learn how to move his feet along the rope, has taken a long time..that is what the stuff on metal tubes is about in the previous videos, and also walking along the back of park benches. i have searched the Internet to see if i can find any mention of another dog doing this. apparently near the turn of the century some circus dogs were doing it, i think they were white Spitz dogs.. but i cant find any images. there are plenty of dogs walking along 2 ropes. if any one knows of any dogs walking along a single tightrope, id really appreciate you telling me about them. this was filmed about 2 months ago

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