Advanced Dog Training Tutorial: Targeting/Head Movement

TOO EASY? TRY THIS! This tutorial is for those trainers who have worked up a good repertoire of behaviors with their dogs. If you want to make this even more challenging, I highly recommend adding MORE behaviors to the chain demonstrated in this video. Here is a sample chain of behaviors I would suggest: Hold it….Drop it….Target…Down….Stand….Down…Target….Watch me…Sit….Hold it…Bring it…Drop it…Watch me….Sit. If you can complete the above chain perfectly (giving each cue only once), you are demonstrating an INCREDIBLE connection with your dog and an extremely solid understanding of cues. Good job! I would love to see a video of someone demonstrating this chain. Please post it as a video response when you complete it! All the best! ——– Please “like” my facebook page for regular updates, training tips, and exclusive videos:

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