Advanced Dog Obedience Training – the Secret Revealed

Advanced dog obedience training make you wonder just how obedience a dog might be after dog training. Dog training is one package isn’t it?

It should be noted that there are different levels of dog training as there are different levels in our own education system.

Advanced dog obedience training makes your dog a much better behaved dog than standard dog training.

You did not start your education as a child in 5 grade; you had to start in kindergarten or nursery school. You had to learn how to play, interact and learn and get on with others.

With dogs, dog training is the kindergarten of advanced dog obedience training.

Most dog owners are usually happy as soon as their dog begin to eats inside and goes outside to relieve themself. Others dog owners are only happy once the dog is doing 100% responding to every command.

Advanced dog obedience training requires the dog to respond to every command as soon as it is given. To control the dog five commands are necessary. They are “Down”, “Heel”, “Sit”, “Stay” and “Come”.

A dog must respond immediately to those commands by a family member in order to be considered properly trained according to advanced dog obedience training standards.

Once a dog has recieved even basic dog training, he becomes much for fun to live with. As an owner it will be possible to communicate with your dog as your dog is even able to learn and interpret some basic words of your native language. Advanced dog obedience training is for that reason considered top priority to ensure your dog is well behaved.

Believe it or not, your dog dog can learn much more than just standard commands, just as you are able to learn much more than basic reading and counting. The similarities between man and dog don’t end here. As you go through school, the education gets harder. You must work harder to achieve higher grades. Your dog must also work harder in advanced dog obedience training.

There are various levels of dog obedience training and you can learn more about them from the Kennel Club and at dog shows in your own country. There are of course different classes, grades and levels of basic dog obedience training and advanced dog obedience training. Almost the same as you get in any high school or college.

All dogs have a great capacity for learning almost anything you want to teach them. We have rescue dogs, guide dogs and guard dogs. All of these are great examples of how well dogs can be trained and intergrated into our society.

Dogs relish advanced dog obedience training, not only does it benefit you as an owner, but for the dog it gives them a feeling of self satisfaction and the w=feeling of being wanted. Most importantly for their own natural instinct of being part of a pack.

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