Acquiring dogs: Adult or puppy

When deciding on purchasing (or adopting a pet dog), it’s important to evaluate the kind of lifestyle you have. Adopting a pet takes consideration. Dogs, like people, need attention and care. So, there are some things to think about beforehand:

TIME – If you’re a busy person with a hectic schedule, it’s probably best NOT to get a small puppy that requires lots of time and attention. You’ll need to deal with housebreaking-a chore that often involves setting a walking schedule that your new puppy can settle into. In addition, you’ll need time to bond with the dog, playing with him/her so that the pup doesn’t have the desire or opportunity to chew on objects in the house.

TEMPERAMENT – Some people are very affectionate, others are not. Sometimes dogs can be the same way. The phrase "teaching an old dog new tricks" applies here. Adult dogs more than likely, have already developed the kind of personality they’re going to have. If you’re looking to adopt an adult dog, it’s important to understand what kind of temperament the animal has-so that you won’t have issues at home.

SIZE – Puppies are gorgeous when they’re so tiny and cuddly. But even the smallest puppies can grow into "mini-horses"! Never adopt a puppy, just because of how cute they are in the beginning. They grow very quickly. So it’s important to understand what size adult dog he/she’s going to be. If you tend to like small dogs, but love the "cuteness" of puppies, you might think about adopting a dog like a Shihtzu. In addition to being stubborn and clever, they are extraordinarily cute puppies, and wonderful dogs to have.

In a nutshell, the main thing to consider is how well you’ll be able to take care of a dog. If you’re looking for a buddy for life, and have the time to train and love a puppy-then by all means adopt away. But if you’re a busier adult with a stricter routine, it may be wise to adopt an adult dog.

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