Acquiring dogs: Adopt or purchase

Animals aren’t adopted. Children are adopted. But too many animal shelters don’t know that. They hand out a long form so you can be evaluated for your adoption-worthiness, and then propose to charge $100 for a dog they admit has problems.

As a farmer needing a working dog for the farm, I would have been willing to take a chance on a shelter dog. Chances are the dog wouldn’t have worked out as a herd dog, but he’d have had a good life barking at salemen and Mormon missionaries. But the animal-rights nonsense at the shelter was too much to put up with.

I was lucky- I found a pup of the right working breed for sale for $200. She’s already beginning to adapt to her job. And the best thing is, I own her, rather than being expected to treat her as an adopted child.

When one just wants a pet dog, there are often ads of dogs being given away when the owner can no longer keep them. They are in as much need as shelter dogs, but, as with the purchased dog, you own them, you don’t have to ‘adopt’.

None of the above applies, of course, if you have a sensible animal shelter that hasn’t fallen for the ‘adoption’ business and is just happy when a stray gets a home, rather than letting animals be ‘euthanized’ because they believe only upper-class PETA members deserve to have pets.

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