About pet health care insurance – Part 1

According to a recent Business Weekly article, pet owners spent an estimated $9.8 billion on veterinary care in 2007, up from $7.1 billion in 2001. Is it any surprise then that over a decades time, pet insurance will be in 10% of American homes that own dogs and cats.

Between a variety of medical plans that may or may not include medical riders, pet insurance is amazingly affordable. Take VPI Pet Insurance as an example; standard care insurance starts at $9.00 monthly for cats with dogs being $13.00, monthly.(www.VPIpetinsurance.c om)

Pets Best Insurance has, after $100.00 deductible, reimbursement average of 80% of animal care. This care includes: accidents & injuries, illness and medical, with optional routine care. (This is based on dogs). Their plans are entitled, Pets Basic, Pets First, and Pets Premier with BestWellness as an add-on rider policy. When I entered my cat’s name for a Quick Quote the monthly rate read, $13.31. For an additional $1.00, I could set my rate for the life of my cat and for an additional $20.00 (monthly) add the BestWellness policy. (www.Petsbestinsurance.com)

Pets Health Care Plan starts their plan options for as low as .23 daily for average care (ex. leg fracture) to its highest cost of $2.24 daily (chronic and long-term illness. As a consumer you may compare the five plan options side by side to make your animal care decisions.


All of these insurance companies offered monthly price reductions on their policies for multiple animals within the same family. Also, check with your home, or car insurance companies to see if they hold pet insurance policies.

To own any animal is expensive with Vet Care continuously rising. Pet insurance may be a serious option to consider for your feline and or canine friends. All encourage second opions from the several insurance options available.

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