A look at designer dog breeds

I am a dog lover and former dog breeder and trainer. The concept of designer dogs is a joke to me. I have had dogs all my life and for several years raised registered dogs to sell and have trained dogs for show, hunting, and herding. I feel that designer dogs are just some peoples way of charging for a mutt. Yes, i said mutt. That is all that a designer dog is. Yes, they may be cute and planed but they are still mutts and you can go to the pound any day of the week and get an adorable puppy for very little when you will pay a lot for the so called designer dogs. In my opinion as a owner, trainer and breeder the best dog around for the family pet is the mutt. Out of all the dogs I have ever had the best one was a “designer dog” that my dad got from a friend of his. He paid nothing and the friend was glad to get rid of one more mutt pup from the litter his registered cattle dog had with the registered pointer next door. This dog was my best friend and constant companion during my high school years. He would herd anything, point out birds, was a good watch dog, and no dog in the neighborhood ever step-ed foot on our place without me saying it was OK. So if you want a good dog go to the pound or the house down the street and get you a free mutt, don’t pay those high prices for a designer dog.

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