8 Year Old Chinchilla “Gizmo”

This is my little fur baby, Gizmo (most of the time I call him Chinch instead lol), he is 8 years old, and I got him from Petco when he was 6 months old, he has always been very sweet and he really likes to be fed treats and given rubs. He eats Charlie Chinchilla food and he enjoys raisins (only 2 a day), he takes dust baths and he poops ALOT! One of the most important accessories to have along with your chinchilla is a HEAVY DUTY DUST BUSTER! Every morning, I have to vacuum up all the little chinchilla pellets he scatters around his cage during the night. Definitely a fun pet, I recommend getting one, but be sure you’re ready for the commitment, they can live up to 30 years! It’s horrible that these animals were once farmed almost exclusively for their fur, they are such sweet animals and can become a real part of your family, it can take up to 200 of them to make a coat! Boycott fur! It’s inhumane and cruel, these animals can be just as loving as cats and dogs! Please leave any questions you have about owning a chinchilla, I am pretty knowledgeable about them since I own one and I used to work at a Chinchilla/Rabbit rescue organization 🙂 Thanks for watching!

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